The car the choose and buy has knowledge: "dynamic space BaoZhiLv"
The era of the small cars or will come. Only the compact hatchback is more than 20 kinds of models. Exactly how to choose? This is also a subject.
Buy a car, we tend to be electric sunroof, DVD audio system, attracted a dominant configuration.

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Cars need which configuration
Recently, visit the * * * * is home to more than QiMao company, before upgrading for eye most of the new car design major parts function consulting the car professional and experienced drivers. Face the wide variety of new car, all sorts of function characteristic is to let a person dazzling

Attention maintain car three system
Avoid launched pilot time idling

Maintenance tips: well what does the

Lady safe driving skills more little
Car knowledge

Novice note: new car maintenance don
Make daily maintenance. Don't

Let the vehicle to maintain low

Which configuration necessary?

Big discount activity
All cars reduce the price by 20%
Wear-resisting tires
Car maintenance
40% of the rubber
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