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Automobile Co., LTD. Was established in XXX years XX month XX,, is the only one in the region authorized sales service center and special after-sale service center. Mainly engaged in a variety of brand of vehicle sales and after-sales service and spare parts supply and information feedback business.

Companies adhering to the "honor infinite first experience" service concept, more active training caring services consciousness, the pursue the more thoughtful convenient service level, let each owner, experience the steward of meticulous professional, to enjoy the true for guests to experience the exalted.

Except for owners to provide close buy the professional and after-sales service, the company also often organization owner activities for owners to friends with a relaxed, good communication platform, let each owner can family feel "car life" more fun.

After two years of time, the company has developed, has the first-class hardware facilities, scientific management, advanced technology, sincere service quality and enterprising excellent team.

Sincerely hope to be your car XXX home!

Attention maintain car three system
Make daily maintenance. Don't

Novice note: new car maintenance don
Avoid launched pilot time idling

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Let the vehicle to maintain low

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Big discount activity
All cars reduce the price by 20%
Wear-resisting tires
Car maintenance
40% of the rubber
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